Hyatt Grand Regency Cypress Newsletter: Before and After

We all know that Orlando is the tourist capital of the world and it’s common to see mile-long stretches of hotels and resorts. With more than 450 hotels, how does your resort stand out amongst the competition? Some may say it’s the amenities, while others may say luxury. Here at Appleton we believe it’s the extended customer connection that drives guests to return again and again.

That’s why when our friends from Hyatt Grand Regency Cypress came to us to redesign their company newsletter we had the perfect solution. Hyatt is known for its world-class comfort and style. To build on this mindset, we designed a newsletter more reflective of the resort’s image, with a focus on a clean, simple, and easy-to-read format.



Knowing that the average reader spends 51 seconds scanning a newsletter, it’s important to make sure your content gets straight to the point. Hyatt’s previous newsletter used a table-like format that squeezed too much information on one page, making it difficult for readers to defer what content is relevant. To help convey their message more effectively, we used bullet points and incorporated visually simulating graphics, so that readers are guided to the most important content first.    

Hyatt’s modernized newsletter “Grand Times,” has been completely redesigned to communicate the value of their brand message. Readers can now stay up-to-date on events around town, on-location dining, and recreational activities– all in one place.

If you would like to to subscribe to Hyatt’s Grand Times newsletter, please sign-up on their website.

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