How Video Can Give Tourists an Experience Before Even Booking a Trip

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Video marketing is an extremely compelling tool that effectively influences the travel industry. Travel marketing videos allow prospective guests to engross themselves in an experience before booking a trip. This form of content hasn’t gone unnoticed by tourism marketers, but video’s recent surge in popularity emphasized its massive impact. This medium is so influential that 65% of travelers use video when thinking about taking a trip. With this in mind, it’s necessary to understand the full effect that video has on the travel industry.

Types of Videos

Because of its versatility, travel marketing videos can be used in nearly every aspect of the industry. YouTube’s data revealed that travel-related content is up 118% year over year. With that being said, some forms of video perform better than others. When researching trips, tourists tend to search for videos that help influence and plan their travel itinerary. The top performing travel videos include:

  • Hotels, airlines, cruises, tours, etc.
  • Reviews from experts
  • Travel-related channels
  • Customer tesimonials

Entertainment is Key

No matter what kind of video your company is aiming to produce, it’s extremely important for these videos to stand out from the competition. If your content is not memorable, viewers won’t stop to pay attention and most likely will not give your business a second thought when booking a trip. Take Virgin America’s viral video for example. The brand’s revamped safety video became an overnight success, raking in 5.8 million views in just two weeks. The world-renowned brand was able to transform an industry standard into something that completely reflected its fresh, innovative style. The safety video became such a staple of the airline’s modern flair that when Alaska Airlines bought out Virgin America, the company had no intentions of stripping away Virgin’s lively character.


Whether you’re reviving a basic safety video or flaunting your resort’s luxurious amenities, it’s imperative to incorporate elements in your video that will make viewers want to book a trip or experience with your company. In a Google Survey, 45% of leisure travelers and 72% of business travelers said that watching an online travel video, while planning a trip, led to them booking as a direct result. Video does more than explain your company’s amenities and features, it actually shows them. Video has the potential to address many curiosities that potential guests may have, dubbing video as one of the most desirable forms of content for the travel industry.

Using video in the travel industry has a proven track record. Future guests are more inclined to book a trip after watching entertaining travel marketing videos because they feel like that particular experience is obtainable. Capturing your audience’s attention is only the first step, but getting them to book their trip through you is definitely the end goal. Working with a professional marketing agency will ensure your company will get the most out of its video marketing efforts. A video team knows the exact storytelling techniques to entice travelers.

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