How to Use Instagram to Further Your Business

Instagram, one of today’s most popular apps with over 80 million users, has unleashed our artistic side through photographic expression. But can it promote a company? Businesses are beginning to incorporate social media and online networking to stay up to date. The following steps have been used to gain attention and give further insight on businesses nationwide.

1. Give a glimpse behind-the-scenes

Social media has been used to bring others into our personal space and explore our every day life. When the public subscribes to online updates they are inquiring more about what goes on behind-the-scenes. Sharing photos of backstage action or even funny moments around the office can give followers a sneak peak of products, services, or the employee atmosphere. These photos can give customers and clients a sense of how your company operates and the energy you have to offer.

2. Gain a larger audience

Twitter may have made them popular but Instagram is taking full advantage of hash tags. Hash tags mark your post or photo as a keyword, incorporating it into larger conversations. They string the photo with a subject, sorting it in a category with similar topics. You can search for hash tags to find Instagram users, like your company, who share photos that align with your intestates. Prospective clients can easily locate your business depending on their specific needs.

3. Market yourself creatively

One of Instagram’s great features is the ability to tag a follower, subject, or business in the comment section. Businesses can take pictures of flyers, invites, and other marketing materials, add a filter, and post it to their account. By tagging others they are gaining attention and sparking up conversation about their company. This creatively displays promotional materials and mentions others users who may be interested.

4. Showcase meetings and speakers

Employees can take photos from different angles during speeches, presentations, or meetings to show new topics or clients. Any media stations that report on the business can be documented and used to showcase positive press. These photos can spark curiosity for individuals not present at these events or media coverage. They also show your growing expert status and popularity of your products.

Want help using social media to grow your business?

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