How to Keep Your Email Strategy Relevant in Increasingly Full Inboxes

With recent exponential growth in ground-breaking technologies and innovative marketing tools, it’s easy to understand why many have lost sight of the effectiveness of traditional channels. The perception that email is outdated and inefficient is increasingly common, but this simply isn’t true. 333.2 billion emails were sent and received daily in 2022, and this figure is expected to rise to 376.4 billion by 2025. Furthermore, email remains a worthwhile investment for businesses with an average ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. This makes it clear that the question should not be whether your brand should implement email campaigns into its marketing strategy, but rather how to use the channel in new ways to keep your audience engaged.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Email Strategy Up to Date

Whether your brand is looking to increase engagement, promote a product or service, raise brand awareness or enhance customer loyalty, here is some advice to keep your email campaigns with the times.

Use AI for Content Planning and Campaign Management

Artificial intelligence has been top of mind in the industry lately and yes, its usability extends all the way to email marketing. There is a variety of ways these cutting-edge technologies can be applied, from idea generation to individual message personalization. Following are some things AI can do to help elevate your emails:

  • Write attention-grabbing subject lines and brainstorm ideas for copy
  • Generate content ideas, plans and schedules
  • Organize, update and build mailing lists
  • Recommend specific products based on user behavior
  • Create images or mockups for graphics

Get Personal with Your Audience

As mentioned earlier, hundreds of billions of emails are leaving and entering inboxes daily. This is why connecting with your consumers is more important now than ever. In fact, 71% of consumers actually expect personalized brand interactions. Both tailoring content to users and being open about company practices and culture will make it irresistible to open your content. Here are some ways to get your recipients to open and engage with your emails:

  • Implement trigger-based, automated campaigns that target individuals based on certain events or behaviors – this includes welcome, birthday, win-back and promotional emails to name a few
  • Provide insight into the organization’s brand and culture through content like employee spotlights or curated recommendations (like the Spotify playlist we sent out in our most recent newsletter)
  • Be conversational and include user data, such as names or statistics, in subject lines and copy
  • Use subscriber tags to segment lists and send appropriately tailored messages

Increase Interactivity with AMP for Email

The introduction of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to email will transform how the channel is utilized. This new framework allows messages to function more similarly to an app or website and enables consumers to perform more tasks without having to leave their inboxes. AMP for email will undoubtedly make email more rich and engaging by letting marketers include:

  • AMP components that will improve layouts, from sidebar navigations to accordion outlines and image carousels
  • AMP components that will let consumers complete tasks in their inboxes, such as surveys, calendars for RSVPs or even quizzes
  • Dynamic, real-time content from external sources like product prices or stock levels

For more information on how AMP for email is changing the game and examples of some companies’ early success stories with the new framework, check out this video.

Email marketing is undeniably still alive and here to stay. Take advantage of the technological advancements that will allow your organization to connect with its audience and keep them captivated. As email continues to grow, it’s necessary to maintain this tried-and-true channel of communication with your brand’s consumers.

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