How to Give Your Company Center Stage with Live Streaming

Live streaming for marketing

Whether companies are yearning to achieve a deeper connection with consumers or looking to receive instant feedback on products and concepts, they are constantly searching for more high-tech solutions to gain a competitive edge. If your company is interested in obtaining the spotlight, then look no further than live video streaming for marketing.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming occurs when someone broadcasts in real-time, simultaneously allowing audiences to view content live via the internet. Some live streaming examples include Facebook Live, Instagram Live Video, YouTube Live and Periscope. Live streaming’s success has brands taking notice, since a recent Livestream study revealed that live video is outpacing the growth of any other type of online video with a 113% increase in ad growth yearly. Livestream also found that 80% of viewers prefer to watch a brand’s live video, rather than reading an article or press release.

What are the Benefits?


An aspect of businesses that is rapidly evolving is brand transparency. Customers are more dedicated to brands that openly offer details about the company and how it creates its products and impacts its community. A recent study showed that an overwhelming 94% of consumers are likely to commit to a brand that appears to be fully transparent. Live video streaming for marketing offers companies the chance to show their consumers how they conduct business, develop new products, show off the company culture and even the authenticity of employees — all aspects that consumers have become more and more interested in.


If you’re organizing an event with a smaller guest list, or if you just want to broadcast the event for those who couldn’t attend, live video is a great way to expand your reach. With proper organization and proper marketing, a company has the potential to stream its event to the public effectively and cost-efficiently. Reaching out to a broad audience may be difficult through other forms of video, but live streaming makes this possible for many companies because of its accessibility and affordability.

Instant Feedback

One of the advantages of live video streaming for marketing is that you can receive instant feedback from viewers. Consumers can instantaneously respond to what they’re watching on live streams. This unique interaction allows marketers the opportunity to understand exactly what their consumers want in real-time. A Facebook spokesperson announced that Facebook users are commenting on live videos 10 times more than on standard videos. This impressive volume is ideal for marketers looking to receive immediate reactions from followers.

Live video streaming for marketing possesses a combination of benefits, including its cost-effectiveness and widespread appeal, that differentiate it from other video marketing techniques. If you want to ensure your live streaming strategy is a success, utilize a social media advertising agency so your company can have a better chance of attracting large audiences with targeted, intriguing content.

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