How to Ensure Your Facebook Video Ads Don’t Fall Flat

facebook video ads

From keeping your video ads short to creating an irresistible offer, there are tons of tips for optimizing individual video ad campaigns.  

 The ads that you create and surface will vary based on which phase of your funnel a prospect or customer is in. If you deliver a compelling ad to someone who is still learning about the problem and not ready to buy yet, it will fail every time.  

 That’s one of the biggest mistakes we see marketers make.  

 Pro Tip: Check out this detailed guide for actionable video ad strategies. 
In this post, we’re going to look at what type of video ads to create and use based on where a buyer is in the funnel. 

Top of Funnel (TOFU)  

The goal of a TOFU ad is brand awareness.  

 For example, if people don’t even know that they have a problem — let alone that your product or service exists — it makes sense to run a brand awareness video ad campaign to educate them.  

 There are countless examples of brands who have built custom Facebook audiences at bargain prices off of video ads. 

Syed Faizuddin of MakeWebBetter says, “While creating a Facebook video ad, think twice about your audience. If your audience doesn’t know about your product, promoting the product directly will not help you in sales. Thus, instead of pitching them directly for sales, educate them first. They should feel that your product is the actual solution to their problem. And make sure that your video ad is focused on specific product features that will solve their problem.”  

Middle of Funnel (MOFU)  

Once a prospect knows that you exist, it is about building trust and rapport as well as conveying the benefits of your product or service.   

 For example, you can do this by retargeting to the newly built custom audience.  

Daniella Pozzolungo of PupDigital says, “I love retargeting video viewers as the more engaged they are with the brand, the more likely they are to convert. Look at how many people viewed your videos ad [sic] at different stages (i.e. 10%, 50%, 95%) and create ads to the most engaged people. You want to make sure that the list is quite big, so if you don’t have many people at 95%, perhaps look at 50%. Also, keep in mind, views on the audience network are not able to be remarketed to, so you might want to remove the audience network from your placements if you want to remarket to everyone who views your video.” 

Bottom of Funnel (BOFU)   

This is where demonstrating social proof and credibility through video testimonials, and case studies can be the most effective ads.  

Diane H. Wong of DoMyWriting says, “When a video offers proof, the message is perceived as providing solid evidence of the product’s ability to solve a particular problem and being simple to use, for example. It sets off emotional triggers, which ultimately influence buying decisions.”  

Pro Tip: You can track the performance of all of your Facebook Video Ad campaigns using this dashboard.  

Written by Leilani Torres


In order to ensure that the video ads you are creating drive your desired action, you need to make sure that you surface the right ads at the right times. After all, even the most compelling social proof video ad will fall flat to a prospect who hasn’t heard of you before.  

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