How Heineken Reached 35 Million in 3 Days: Digital Display Advertising

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Implementing digital display advertising results in impressive gains with your consumer audience:

  • Native advertisements raise brand awareness, increase purchase intent and promote brand searches
  • By using video ads on Facebook, Heineken Light reached 54% of their audience (35 million people) in three days
  • Digital video advertisements excel in brand impact and brand perception in the consumer mind

As a staple of the Internet for more than 20 years digital display advertising has seen its ups and downs in the minds of consumers, especially concerning banner ads. Debuting on October 27, 1994, companies such as AT&T bought the first banner ads on and the rest is history. Since then, discussions have come and gone about whether display advertising is an effective form of marketing. Some people will say no, but the numbers don’t lie and as a digital marketing agency, Appleton sides with the facts: digital display advertising works for your marketing strategy.

Although digital display advertising has been around for more than two decades, people may not know exactly what it is or how it works. Digital display advertising is text, video or audio embedded onto a webpage in different sizes. Display advertising falls under the umbrella of digital marketing. If you’re interested in learning more about this newer channel of marketing, check out our article. 

How Effective Are Banner Ads?

Digital display advertising offers unique ways to target your audience, receive immediate and measurable feedback and allows for easy modification to reflect a change in marketing goals. In addition, digital display advertising drives targeted consumers to relevant content designed for conversions.

The main objectives of digital display advertising are similar to any other type of advertisement: To gain traffic on your company website, increase click-through rates and raise brand recognition and recall in the consumer psyche.

Digital display advertising diversity continues to expand as technology advances; evolving from simple banners to digital video and mobile-friendly ads. This marketing channel is experimenting with more than just sight in order to increase consumer engagement and your business can be at the forefront of this renaissance.

How To Create Effective Display Advertising

The absolute necessity in producing effective display advertising is to employ a digital marketing agency with trained SEO specialists. When designing digital display ads, stay away from the cliché obnoxious flashing boxes that consumers often associate with online ads. Be aware of all parts of the ad, from copy and graphics to color and placement.

The copy needs to be short and succinct, quick enough for scanning eyes to comprehend, but still interesting. Graphics always attract visual attention, but be sure to use images or videos that don’t distract from the overall message. Remember, too, that visuals and copy should work in tandem fluidly. Color is an important part of grabbing the consumer’s eye and communicating a feeling toward your brand. For example, red gives off a passionate and excitable feeling, while blue is calming and strong. Placement is an important factor, too, in order to achieve maximum readability.

In addition to your company logo and copy, a call-to-action button is pertinent. Calls-to-action, such as “Click Here” or “Learn More” incite the consumer to take action. To learn more about calls-to-action, read our article on the topic. The success of digital display advertising depends on the effort put into them. As long as you implement the ads with creativity, display advertising is an effective tool in your marketing strategy.

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