How Google Glass Will Change Advertising

google glass

First off, what’s Google Glass?

Introducing the world’s most advanced wearable computer, Google’s most current limit-shattering project, Glass. Potentially the next great technological breakthrough, Glass is more than a life-augmenting, cyborg-inspired creation; it’s endless possibility in a pair of eyeglasses. Imagine traveling to foreign lands and having your headset translate everything you see and hear, instantly. Neat toy? Not so much. More than another trinket, Glass is set to become a tool that could change the way we do just about everything.

What does Google Glass mean for advertising and the consumer?

Imagine grocery shopping. You pick up a can of soup and instantly, Glass displays the price of the soup at all nearby competitor shops. Maybe, a competitor soup brand offers you a discount code on the spot if you choose them instead, all via Glass, all within seconds. Introducing possibility. Glass will further weave reality into digital. How will brands interact with consumers when they have access to them from the beginning of the sale until the end of the product’s use?

These possibilities relate to Google’s ideas for “augmented search results” where looking at something in the real world could result in additional information displayed. Google was recently awarded a patent that puts forth a way in which people interacting with ads in the real world could be analyzed in the digital world. Dubbed pay-per-glaze, advertisers could be charged a fee based on whether a person looks directly at an ad in the real world, and how long they interact with it. With some companies already offering eye-tracking technology, related advancements will only happen faster as demand grows.

Though Google has forbid Glass app developers from selling ads, or even their apps for that matter, there are hints that Google will eventually show ads. In order for Glass to be truly profitable, advertising and business will inevitably come into play. Google Glass is still in developmental stages and unavailable to the general public. Brands are encouraged to plan accordingly as the Google Glass release is rumored for 2014.

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