How Corporate Videos Can Help Your Company Return to Work

In the middle of a global pandemic, bringing employees back to the office. Your team might not want to swap Zoom meetings for in-person discussions. You have to rearrange your space to accommodate for social distancing. The office kitchen is no longer the sanctuary it once was, thanks to all of its high-touch surfaces.

There are a lot of moving pieces that can leave your team with a sense of dread about coming back to work.

So how can businesses ease these stresses for their employees? Through video.

In the current climate, compassionate videos can be one of the best ways for your brand to show your employees how much you care. (And if you’re new to corporate videos, we’ve broken down the most influential types in this post.)

Why corporate videos matter when returning to work

Corporate video shows off your new safety measures.

What better way to explain the changes to your office spaces than through a video? By seeing how thoroughly your company adjusted its policies for their safety, employees see that you did more than ‘talk the talk.’ It also helps them visualize how they’ll function in these adjusted spaces.

This video from Walmart in April (prior to the store requiring patrons to also wear a mask) shows CEO John Furner walking both associates and customers through the added safety measures:

It reaffirms your employees’ connections to the brand.

Your team more than likely spent months away from work. Corporate videos can not only help inform them, but it can also reinvigorate their excitement about working for your company.

This is also why it’s important to have compassionate, meaningful brand values. Mission and vision statements connect your employees’ personalities to their work. People want to feel valued and like they’re doing meaningful work. A corporate video gives your employees a refresher as to what brought them to your company in the first place.

One example of this is from Walt Disney World. The Orlando theme park created a corporate video specific to its Cast Members (what they call employees) that showed them excited to get back to the magic.

Video is a more informal, accessible option.

Pamphlets and booklets are helpful for reference, but printed material sometimes lacks the instant connection your team can have with video. Video attaches a voice (and sometimes a face) to the words being spoken, and that human connection alone helps viewers feel like you understand them. This can also put hesitant employees more at ease with your decision to return to the office.

Video helps visual learners retain information better than printed materials.

Not everyone wants to read a pamphlet, booklet or pages upon pages of promotional materials explaining new rules and procedures. A sizeable percentage of the population learns from visual aids or from a combination of audio and visual information. Corporate videos will resonate more with your employees than standard print collateral.

Your customers see how much you care.

Corporate videos often go beyond the walls of your company. Sharing your “welcome back” messaging to an audience beyond your employees shows customers and potential new customers that you value your employees’ safety. Customers also love when companies show an “inside look” into their operations; thus, a corporate video could attract more conversation and interest around your brand.

Corporate videos don’t have to be stuffy! Collaborating with a professional video company can help keep your content accessible, engaging and enjoyable — alleviating more stress about returning to work in the current global climate. Our seasoned full-service video and film studio can create back-to-work content that becomes deeply meaningful to your employees. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to deliver compelling visual stories that speak to audiences in the most influential way — through their emotions. Your video and film production goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or

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