How Closed Captioned Videos Are a Total Game Changer

Video captions for social media videos

In recent years, social media has incorporated video into its format more than ever. Social video has morphed into a user-friendly tool to enhance the overall experience. Video captions for social media videos are essential to keeping your audience engaged. But here’s the kicker: a whopping 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Can you imagine your company’s video going unwatched, solely because it doesn’t possess closed captions?

Let’s face it – we’re glued to social media whether we’re on the bus, waiting in line at the cash register or simply in the comfort of our own home. While Facebook users collectively spend 100 million hours a day watching videos, the large majority of videos are viewed on mute. This is especially relevant when people are in public because they’ll refrain from clicking on videos with sound in order not to disturb bystanders.

Video captions for social media videos may drive the viewer to commit to watching past the first three seconds. 65% of Facebook users who watch past the first three seconds of a video will continue watching for about ten seconds, while 45% will reach thirty seconds. Video captions for social media videos capture your audience’s attention for longer, allowing you to get your message across. It’s unlikely that someone scrolling through their newsfeed is willing watch a video on silent without fully understanding what they’re watching, which is why closed captioning is vital to your video’s success.

At the end of the day, it comes down to how many views your video is receiving… and who doesn’t like views? Heck, obtaining views is why your company created the video in the first place! It’s intriguing because the observer isn’t even required to watch the entire video for your video’s views to increase. Facebook only requires a user to watch three seconds of a video for it to count as a view. With strategic closed captions, this may secure the user’s attention long enough to trigger the count.

From a marketing standpoint, including video captions for social media videos is beneficial because it can enhance your website’s overall SEO. For example, if you place captions in your YouTube video, Google will position your video higher in searches if it includes specific keywords, which will increase your viewership. At the end of the day, this will prove to be a major benefit for not only your video, but your company, as well.

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