How Can AR and VR Be Used in Marketing?

Imagine consumers having the ability to step into your brand’s world or experience your product before purchasing it.

This is the power of AR and VR in marketing.

So, what is it?

AR (Augmented Reality)

AR bridges the gap between the physical world and the digital world. It involves superimposing graphics and integrating digital elements into our real life.

For instance, when you watch a football game on TV, the yellow “first down” line is overlayed by using augmented reality. The field is real, but the yellow line is digitally generated.  

Today, these technologies are being introduced in more complex ways. The NFL has been collaborating with businesses like Snap, Verizon, and Amazon to give their TV viewers a more engaging experience. This past year, media conglomerates like Fox Sports have also integrated AR into their broadcasts using Skycam techno-cranes. 

VR (Virtual Reality)

On the other hand, VR doesn’t integrate digital elements into the real world. Instead, it creates a completely new, fully immersive reality.

You’ve probably seen someone with a goofy-looking headset that covers the top half of their face. Popular VR systems like Oculus, allow you to go rock climbing, watch a sporting event, experience a rollercoaster, and explore the wonders of the world — without even leaving the room.

Imagine consumers having the ability to step into your brand’s world or experience your product before purchasing it.

This is the power of AR and VR in marketing.

So, what is it?

Source: “Virtual Reality” by Bruce Mars is marked with CC0 1.0

3 Ways This Can Help You Market Your Brand

Product Demonstration and Visualization

With virtual product demonstration and visualization, consumers can see how the product fits into their life. They can enter an interactive simulation and understand how products work in a real-world environment.

With the advent of AR and VR, consumers can:

  • Test out a new vehicle with virtual test drives.
  • Visualize how furniture looks in their home on the Ikea Place app.
  • Learn to complete a home improvement project with help from Lowe’s Holoroom.

Event Promotions

Marketers can digitally add promotional elements to reality using AR. This can be based on location and is commonly done with special effects, animations, or interactive elements.

Snap, Inc. is notoriously famous for integrating its popular “filters” to promote brands and their live events. You can create your own Snapchat filter here.

Brand Experiences

VR can create immersive brand experiences that engage consumers and allow them to interact with a brand in a personal and memorable way.

  • Consumers that are tired of shopping online can (virtually) shop in a retail store.
  • Get your target audience excited for your product launch and (virtually) bring them in to experience it.

Virtually shaping the industry.

With the Implementation of AR and VR into the Industry, it is Now Possible to Engage Your Target Audience in a way Like Never Before.

Scientists have been developing AR and VR since the early-to-mid 20th century, but because of price, it wasn’t until recently that this technology became more widespread.

In the 80s, a man named Jaron Lanier sold his VR device for a whopping $49,000. Thankfully, units today have reduced tenfold in price and many companies are releasing their own version of these systems, meaning more practical applications for marketers. 

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