How Barking Up the Right Tree Gained Qualified Leads for Woof Gang® Academy of Grooming with Strategic Digital Marketing

Qualified Leads for Woof Gang® cover, dog with orange leaf on nose

Has working with dogs always been a dream of yours? Well, you can make that happen without breaking the bank by enrolling in one of the professional grooming programs available at Woof Gang® Academy of Grooming (WGAG).

Located in Ocoee, FL, WGAG is a career training academy focused on helping adults explore a new career path that they’re sure to love — no bones about it. WGAG offers various programs that are based on the needs of each student’s schedule and career goals, with all course instruction taught by its team of Certified Master Groomers.

With various hands-on grooming programs available that can be customized to the needs of its students, WGAG knew it needed to find a way to get the word out to strategically target potential students and encourage them to explore the training offered at the academy. By partnering with Appleton as its digital marketing agency, WGAG was able to implement a strategic digital marketing plan across Facebook, Instagram and Google that focused on targeting students within driving distance of the academy.

The first step of the campaign entailed identifying and defining the members of the target audience. As research is the foundation of every project at Appleton, the commencement of the campaign focused on generating two main archetypes for audience targeting needs:

  • First Time Career
    • These individuals, likely female based on Appleton’s analysis of this profession’s demographics, are fresh out of high school or an equivalent program and looking to start a career as an alternative to a college or university track
  • New Career Seekers
    • These individuals, also likely to be female, are established in their career but not satisfied with their current role and looking to start a new beginning

After the audience was established, our team was responsible for determining what range of geofencing would be appropriate for ad distribution. Based on research conducted about commuter patterns in relation to educational-based travel, our team established a targeting perimeter of 50-miles surrounding the academy’s Ocoee store.

With the audience and geography set, the development of a campaign that focused on attracting attention and encouraging engagement was the next milestone in preparing strong creative. In order to meet these needs, our team created assets that incorporated adorable dogs and puppies, all the while showcasing the exact grooming techniques that students get to learn at WGAG.

Example of “Life Change” creative content from the Facebook and Instagram campaign segment.

As with any strong campaign, it’s imperative to update creative content based on factors like what’s performing best with your target audience, what others in your competitive landscape may be doing, and, of course, seasonality. Recently, our team implemented updates to the campaign to focus on helping members of the target audience “find a new fit this fall.”

Example of “Life Change” creative content from the Facebook and Instagram campaign segment.

To date, the campaign has garnered hundreds of phone calls and emails from qualified leads who are interested in touring the facility or learning more about the various grooming programs that WGAG has to offer.

There’s a reason clients like Woof Gang® Academy of Grooming trust the expert team here at Appleton to successfully promote and increase their awareness. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service Orlando advertising agency that works with local, national and international clients to deliver impressive ad campaigns, branding, print, web, public relations, social media and video services — all in-house. At Appleton, we want to learn about your business, empower your marketing team and be your creative resource. Your advertising goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or

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