The Temptation of Holiday Ads

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From New Years, to Valentine’s Day, Pi Day to St. Patty’s, there’s no shortage of themed ads online. Recently, we’ve seen a wave of brands diving into the holiday ad season headfirst. What is it about holidays that advertisers can’t resist?

  • Relevance: Research proves that consumers are more likely to pay attention to advertising that seems relevant. Because social media campaigns are short-lived, a seasonal themed ad will hit your audience at the right time for the right amount of time.
  • Personality: Holidays give brands a chance to reveal their fun side. It is an opportunity to show a lighter and more creative persona than they typically portray. Plus, as an added benefit, consumers are more apt to share them. Check out these examples from Pi Day.
  • Atmosphere: Holidays have a cheery air about them, making them the perfect opportunity for brands to align their company with the positivity of the holiday season. Themed campaigns can engage consumers while increasing brand recognition and awareness simply because, “love is in the air.” Holiday ads are an easy way to draw positive attention to your brand. Take a gander at Heineken’s approach to Valentine’s Day.

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