High-five, Derricka, it’s Your Fifth Appleton Anniversary

Derricka Anniversary at Orlando-based digital marketing agency

As our office’s go-to problem solver, Derricka White is always ready to help the team in any capacity. Having worked at this Orlando-based digital marketing agency for five years, Derricka excels as a production assistant in charge of the various tasks necessary to keep Appleton running efficiently.

In a serendipitous meeting, Derricka met Appleton’s creative director and CEO, Diana LaRue, when Diana taught art classes at Great Oaks Foster Care Village eight years ago. They formed a mentorship and Derricka began volunteering at Appleton before graduating into an employee of the company where she regularly wrote articles on marketing trends in a series called Derricka’s Corner.

Over the past five years, Derricka has seen Appleton flourish in terms of clients and projects — working many aspects of marketing from digital and traditional. One thing that hasn’t changed is Appleton’s company culture. Derricka enjoys the close team dynamic the employees share and believes it is the key to Appleton’s success. She even counts the incredible team-based philosophy as the most rewarding part of her job. This outlook is especially evident during her time abroad in Australia when her fellow Appletonians took the time to send a care packages complete with cookie butter, Appleton promotional items and a funny photoshopped image of her as a kangaroo riding a bicycle.

Derricka’s favorite Appleton events are the Appleton Awareness Gallery exhibits, and not just because she was featured in one. She appreciates the gallery’s mission to raise awareness of local causes and the recognition artists get for their talents. “It’s so beautiful for them to see their hearts displayed,” she expressed.

To those who need it, Derricka offers words of career encouragement, “Stay positive and optimistic. Don’t be afraid to do something different, and continue to pursue your dreams.”

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