Healing Wounds Through Compassion and Creativity — Appleton Visits Children’s Burn Camp

For a child, being the victim of a severe burn can create pain that extends beyond physical. There can also be lasting social, emotional and psychological impacts. The Children’s Burn Foundation of Central Florida is dedicated to enhancing the lives of young burn survivors, and it’s also the subject of the next Appleton Awareness Gallery exhibit coming in 2017. Recently we had the opportunity to join some of the survivors and burn buddies at Camp Tequesta for a day of Appleton Awareness, creativity and expression, the central values of the mission for our gallery.

Camp Tequesta, a four-day camping program held every November, also known by attendees as the Children’s Burn Camp. The camp a flagship program of the Children’s Burn Foundation of Central Florida. The camp offers the traditional overnight camp experience while integrating programs focused on the foundation’s rehabilitation, social adjustment and motivation efforts. The Children’s Burn Camp gives young burn survivors the chance to bond with others who have similar experiences and just be kids.

We made “Visitor Day” at Children’s Burn Camp a family affair this year, and our CEO and Creative Director Diana LaRue coordinated an event that combined burn victim rehabilitation with her passion of shedding light on organizations in need. Ruth Georgiou, Diana’s mother, gave a testimony, through original poetry, of her experiences overcoming a severe burn injury at the age two, caused by accidentally pulling down a kerosene lamp on her face. She spent her childhood in and out of hospitals. Now at 94-years old, she has undergone over 44 surgeries. Her message was for the children to have hope for a happy life. Diana and her sisters, Eleni Strawn, an elementary school art teacher, and Theo Georgiou, a fine artist and muralist, also joined Appletonians to lead the campers in an afternoon of creativity and fun. Many of the day’s finished projects will be featured in the upcoming Appleton Awareness Gallery hosted in our offices at 539 Delaney Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801.

Appleton is proud to be working with the Children’s Burn Foundation of Central Florida, and we’re honored to be able to show off the Children’s Burn Camp’s fabulous artwork. Our partnership with the Children’s Burn Foundation of Central Florida shows how caring and creativity can strengthen our communities.

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