Great Oaks Career Day: Appletonian For a Day

Tomorrow’s leaders visited the Appleton Creative offices this week to show us a thing or two about creativity! Children from Great Oaks Foster Home, a state-run facility that fosters children who have no one in their immediate or extended families to care for them, came by for an afternoon of career exploring, pizza eating and Photoshop fun.

During the course of the day, the group learned about the role Appleton Creative plays in branding and advertising for companies. They toured the web, print and video departments at our facility and talked to our creative team about their daily duties. Headed by the Appleton designers, festivities kicked off with a personal in-house photo shoot followed by a crash course in Photoshop where the children got to edit their photos and creatively express themselves with an array of graphic design tools.

Great Oaks provides counseling, independent living preparation and educational services for the kids. Appleton’s Creative Director, Diana LaRue, has been involved since 2007 and also mentors two of the children at Great Oaks.

While providing youths in need a glimpse into the future, this week’s career day was a rewarding experience for both the children and the Appleton team. We look forward to their next visit and thank them for reinvigorating our imaginations and inspiring us to see the world through their eyes.

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