Great Food, Great People And Great Responsibility

Morrison Healthcare chefs

Morrison Healthcare, a member of Compass Group, is the leader in providing premiere hospitality and food services to hospitals. With a passion for life’s flavors, the Morrison team works to eliminate patients’ worries about nutrition. They craft a culinary experience intended to relieve the worries of hospital guests while providing the healthcare facility with a competitive advantage. Morrison’s philosophy touches every aspect of its business, including its ingredients. Its fresh and wholesome food is harvested in a socially responsible manner. By fostering the habit of sourcing local ingredients, the Morrison team contributes to a culture of sustainability and wellness.

Appleton had the pleasure of working with Morrison Healthcare to develop various creative pieces for its new brand direction. Our team considered the different aspects of what makes it unique, from its people to its partners, and used this to create a campaign to capture the essence of Morrison Healthcare.

Through brand experience workshops with Morrison Healthcare and Strategize It Consulting, the team delved deeper into the humanizing aspects of Morrison including its excellent service, culture and experience. The Appleton team produced a look-book following the workshops to help communicate the brand’s values in a visually engaging way. In order to craft a comprehensive campaign, our creative team focused on Morrison Healthcare’s commitment to education. It lives up to these values through a series of Town Hall functions during the year in which Morrison’s team members get together to discuss the company’s commitment to great tasting, healthy choices and superior customer service. This message was communicated through invites, an animated PowerPoint, signage and agenda template. Appleton also participated in a creative brainstorming logo project and exploration session as part of the company’s growth plan. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Morrison brand, Appleton designed a variety of collateral for future use in the brand’s upcoming endeavors.

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