New Year, New Google AdWords

2017 adwords update

With the new year comes new updates for your Google AdWords and text ads. Make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming expanded format.

Old Acquaintances Can Be Forgotten

Google AdWords is ushering in 2017 with a big change to its advertising set-up, and this change is certainly a good one for users and businesses alike. Beginning on January 31st, the original AdWords text format will not be available to create or edit current ads. Instead, new ads will automatically use the expanded text format:

  • Two 30-character headline fields
  • One 80-character description field
  • Display URL that uses your main URL
  • Two 15-character “Path” fields for the display URL

The visual representation below outlines the expanded text format, including the optional “Path” fields highlighted in green:

guide to expanded text ads

expanded text ads

With the Google AdWords latest update, your URL will be clean and informative. Instead of forcing the display link to show exactly what the URL links to, it will now show your website’s main URL — an important note since new ads will appear 47% larger than old ads. This streamlines the look for users and allows them to quickly see who the source of the URL is.

However, if you want to specify where your user will be going when they click, you can enact a maximum of two path fields in your display URL. This gives the user greater transparency in the ad’s purpose and may entice them to click, as well.

For example:

In addition to greater flexibility in URLs, the Google text ads update is available on the Google Search Network and Google Display Network. This means your new ads will appear on other queried websites, as well as more than two million websites, videos and apps in Google’s networks.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

With the upcoming January 31st deadline, it’s pertinent to prepare for the changes associated with the Google text ads update. Even if you don’t plan to edit your current ads running through January 31st, it’s better to have experience with the format before you need to use it.

To adequately prepare, there’s a few things to do:

  1. Check user-friendliness. With the new expanded text format, you don’t have to select the mobile device setting anymore when creating or editing ads. Instead, the ads are automatically optimized for mobile platforms. But, this doesn’t mean your headline will adapt properly. Since the headline fields are combined with a hyphen, the hyphen may wrap awkwardly depending on what platform is used. Ads need to be checked on multiple platforms to ensure the headline is correct.
  1. Update copy. Take advantage of the longer character limits allowed in Google AdWords. Now that you can include more information, it’s a good idea to update your copy, rather than just inputting another headline or description sentence. With the help of a trained copywriter, you can use this opportunity to get your message across to potential consumers so they’ll be enticed to click through.
  1. Transition with purpose. Don’t begin updating your standard ads without carefully considering what your message is and who you’re targeting. This is an opportunity to completely revamp your digital ad campaign and you’ll want to ensure that the ads meet your campaign objectives. Work with a digital advertising expert to make the most out of the expanded text format.

The latest updates to Google AdWords require an experienced marketing hand to ensure user-friendliness, copy and SEO are done correctly for maximum efficiency. A qualified advertising agency can walk you through this confusing process.

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