“Goodbye, Clutter. Hello, Bright Beautiful Stories”

Change should be Facebook’s middle name. The popular social media website has gone through plenty of it since its launch in 2004 including timeline, “like” button, pages for businesses, graph search, and chat.

Surprise! More changes are taking place. 


Facebook has announced, “Goodbye, clutter. Hello, bright beautiful stories” in regards to the new newsfeed layout. Some of you may have already experienced the changes on your personal accounts. It is minimal, clean, interactive, and bursting with color from the increased emphasis on photo sharing.


Facebook chat has upgraded with a new design that’s breaking the mold for the website’s mobile app. It uses “chat heads”, which is a circular shaped icon with the profile photo of the friend who’s messaging you. The “chat heads” are able to be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen.


Interested in video advertising? Facebook is launching autoplay ads this summer. The spots would appear in the newsfeed and automatically play for a maximum of 15 seconds as users scroll through their friends’ daily posts. These autoplay ads are similar to YouTube ads that play before being able to see the selected video.

Surprisingly, all three changes are taking place just five months into the new year. Have you ever wondered what Facebook updates would be like in “real life?” Whether we like new features or not, it is clear that Facebook is proactive to stay trendy and relevant in a constantly evolving, competitive market.

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