We’ve been around since 1987, so we know a thing or two about advertising. We believe it’s our responsibility to our industry and to our profession to share with the world the wealth of knowledge we’ve acquired over the decades.

Knowledge Sharing

We have the experience. We have the knowledge. Why not share it? Whether it’s hosting a lunch and learn for our clients, an art class that caters to physically challenged kids, or a panel at a women’s leadership conference, we believe in sharing our expertise so others can benefit and learn from our experiences.


Over the years, Appleton has partnered with local universities, such as University of Central Florida, Rollins College, Valencia College and Florida State University, to host agency tours and implement a hands-on internship program. This dynamic program teaches up-and-coming advertising professionals the real-world tools and skills they need to succeed within this industry.


From participating in Mentorship Days and Great Oaks Foster Village Career Days to developing lasting relationships with mentees, Appleton believes in the power of sharing experiences and knowledge, both personally and professionally, with anyone who can benefit.