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Civic participation and public involvement are key to building a strong society. Learn how we do our part to help the community we live in.

Seniors First Meals on Wheels Program

Our participation in Meals on Wheels began through our client, Seniors First. While working with this organization, we became starkly aware of the difficulty many local seniors have accessing basic needs. We felt it our duty to serve as more than just an advertising agency for Seniors First, we wanted to help on the front line. As volunteers for Meals on Wheels, we have an important mission delivering food to seniors who, for medical, financial, or other reasons, cannot provide for themselves. We also offer these seniors critical social interaction, checking on their welfare each week and offering a warm conversation. We believe that showing concern and support is as essential as the food we deliver.

The Appleton Awareness Gallery

A cornerstone of Appleton Creative, the Appleton Awareness Gallery is our homegrown way to help the community. Designed to bring awareness to local causes, each of our art exhibits highlight a worthy organization and feature work created for an important cause. With more than 10 past exhibits, including Foundation for Foster Children's "Blue Hope," Pasadena Villa's "Realize Real Lives," Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando's "Finding Forever Homes" and more, we use our space to educate and motivate visitors to action.


We believe in paying it forward. Those who have life experience ought to share their wisdom with those who need it. Mentoring provides two positive outcomes: a successful mentee and a successful community. Whether we're mentoring LGBT+ youth at Zebra Coalition or the foster children of Great Oaks Village, we recognize our duty to pay it forward.

Art Classes

While we host our art exhibits onsite, we also believe that community exposure is critical to raising awareness for causes. With the help of our classically trained designers, we lead art classes for local community events, such as the Children's Burn Foundation of Florida's Camp Tequesta. Goodness shared, everywhere.


As a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), we understand how critical equal opportunity and representation are in society. Explore how we support diversity and inclusion for all people.

Gender Equality

Because we're a WBE and WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council)-certified, we value the experience women bring to the table. And we also understand the challenges faced in earning a seat. As a supporter of AthenaPowerLink, CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women), FEW (Florida Executive Women) and more, we do our part in elevating women to successful positions and helping them navigate the professional world.

LGBT+ Inclusion

Working with our client, Zebra Coalition, we're afforded an intimate perspective of the obstacles faced by LGBT+ people, especially in their youth. Through the projects completed for Zebra Coalition, our Appleton Awareness Gallery "Lives of a Different Stripe" exhibit, volunteerism and mentoring, we work to make this world inclusive for every person.


In today's digital ecosystem, the natural ecosystem is often forgotten. Discover how we actively work to sustain and improve our environment.


With a fruit in our name and green as our branded color, you can bet we feel a strong connection to the environment. After all, it's the only Earth we've got. To decrease our carbon footprint and increase sustainability efforts, we implement numerous methods in the office.

From purchasing Energy Star equipment to energy-saving lightbulbs, we know that no change is too small. Whether it's powering down lights at the day's end to installing tinted window throughout the office to using only rechargeable batteries, we understand the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But our efforts don't stop where the walls of our office do. We proudly produce gratis work for energy-focused companies including, OUC (Orlando Utilities Commission), EarthLinked Technologies and FMPA (Florida Municipal Power Agency).


To care for others, we must care for ourselves. See how we encourage employee growth in interpersonal and intrapersonal pursuits.

Continuing Education

Furthering the knowledge and cultivating the talent of our team is crucial to Appleton's success. We embolden our employees to attend industry-relevant events and we welcome them to share any information gained from it. With the goal to learn the newest strategies and approaches, we attend conferences like Creative South and IZEAFest throughout the year. They give our team the opportunity to see the latest innovations in graphic design, search engine optimization, public relations, branding and more so those tools can be brought home to our clients.


A happy team is a successful team. By sharing experiences, we strengthen our connections, leading to a well-oiled machine that gets the job done right. To keep our team happy, we participate in numerous teambuilding activities throughout the year. From potlucks and salad parties to birthday celebrations and "workiversaries," we work hard to make every day special and every person feel acknowledged. And we try to get the community involved, too, as with our annual Halloween Costume Contest that invites everyone to vote for the best outfit via Facebook. We encourage strong interpersonal communication with recurring puzzle games, Gallup StrengthsFinder, Myer-Briggs, DISC and 16 Personalities assessments. These teambuilding activities aren't just fun and games, they often serve as a critical way to become better versions of ourselves. As a finalist in the Orlando Business Journal's 2017 Best Places to Work, we must be doing something right!

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