Going for the Gold: Appleton Office Olympics

It’s that time of the year we’ve all been waiting for – the 2012 Summer Olympics Games! And now the events are in full swing, Appleton wanted to recreate the excitement, the anticipation and the intense feelings of success to celebrate our very own office Olympics. If you’re not familiar with the concept, Applympics is an office inspired contest where three teams participate in a series of frivolous events during lunch hour. The activities included Apple Bowling, Apple Archery, and Apple-on-a-spoon race.

Overall, the competition was intense and after several close ties, stare-offs, and childish name-calling, McIntosh pulled through and received the golden apple. Granny Smith came in a close second with silver, followed by Golden Delicious with bronze.

Congratulations again to everyone who participated in Appleton Creative’s first Applympics! Check out photos and video clips below for a highlight of yesterday’s event.

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Thank God for Dolly that Eric has perfect aim!

Touchdown for Betsy!

Diana shows us how it’s done.

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