Global Network Services Rebuilds Brand with Appleton’s Strategic Solutions

Global networking solutions rebrand

For nearly 25 years, Global Network Services (GNS) has served its clients as a telecommunications agent providing voice, data and Internet services to more than 700 accounts in almost every state within the U.S. After a longtime focus on perfecting its complex applications to simplify the technological needs of its customers, GNS took attention to the importance of branding itself as a provider of the highest level of client service. After more than two decades of the same look, GNS knew it was time for a rebrand and turned to the branding experts at Appleton Creative to help build a new and improved image.

Appleton worked with its new business partner to solidify a branding approach that concentrated on what would best represent the technologically-focused client in a digital atmosphere. The first step in this process came with redesigning the core of a brand’s identity: the logo.

While the former logo focused on the capability of the company to serve the world internationally, it did not necessarily communicate the contemporary image GNS sought to express. The all-encompassing rebrand focused on three things: simplicity, sophistication and overall modern feel. With that in mind, a new logo was born to more accurately represent the new brand.

logo design before and after

With a beautiful, new logo secured, GNS was ready to take the next step of the rebrand — initiating a complete redesign of its website. Appleton’s innovative team implemented features that allowed for easy navigation of the site’s information and services, while also placing a focus on GNS’ credibility by tactfully positioning detailed client testimonials throughout the site. However, the key update was ensuring the site felt modern, which included making it responsive and easily accessible for mobile users.

responsive website design on mac mockup

With the logo and website complete, taking heed to that advice, GNS enlisted Appleton to close out the rebrand with the development of a new company brochure to promote the rebrand to its customers and prospects. Once again keeping the focus on the simple, sophisticated and modern outlook for the rebrand, Appleton designed the new brochure to be clean, capable and effective.

Many companies often underestimate the complexity and challenges involved with a rebrand. Don’t tackle the journey alone, start a new adventure and partner with branding experts. Appleton Creative is an award-winning, full-service advertising agency in Orlando, Florida that specializes in delivering a strong, unified visual and verbal presence through branding and messaging. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to build a strong and cohesive brand that standardizes any company’s look and communications across print, web, social media and video. Your branding goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or

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