Give Your Loved-Ones An Unusual Gift This Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we’ve developed a list of gifts that will be sure to make an impression on your valentine. Forget flowers and candy, express your love with these four unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas:


1. Bacon-scented roses: Spice up your traditional gift with America’s favorite food – bacon. (We’re surprised it hasn’t happened sooner!) These roses will tickle your valentine’s nose and stomach.


2. The Sweet-Heart Sweet-Shirt: Hate the feeling of separation? With this gift, you won’t ever have to worry about missing your loved one. The Sweet-Heart Sweet-Shirt will snuggly fit two people with four sleeves and two hoodies. “Feel the Extra Love!” ™ (doesn’t he look comfortable?)


3. The “Boyfriend Pillow”: This gift would be perfect for long-distance couples and singles. It’s shaped like a human in cuddle-ready position. Awww.

4. Kittens: These furry friends are just puuuurrrrfect for Valentines day. How could anyone resist?

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