Ghost and Ghouls Beware for Orlando’s Most Inventive Halloween Costume Contest

Appleton Creative Orlando Halloween 2015 Contest

Happy spooktacular Halloween! Appletonians live for a challenge, so check out our fifth-annual gouling Facebook costume contest. Vote for your favorite costume and stay tuned, if you dare, to find out the winner.

We wish you a safe and wicked, candy-filled Halloween!

Appleton Creative Orlando Halloween 2015 Contest

  1. Erin Pearlman – Struck by lightning
  2. Dolly Sanborn – Jeopardy! Contestant
  3. Jacob Spikes – Shark Attack Victim
  4. Victoria Colditz – Where’s Waldo
  5. Doug Stewart – “Netflix® and Chill”
  6. Jennifer Graven – Scrub-a-dub-dub in the Shower
  7. Mike Speltz – Appleton Pirate
  8. Eric Czerwonka –  Cabin in the Woods Doll
  9. Diana LaRue – Hippie Chick
  10. Elyssa Wiener – Ventriloquist Doll
  11. Jamie Kruger – Business Fish
  12. Kim Foran – Solar Bear Mascot, Shades

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