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Social media isn’t just for uploading pictures, making a funny status, and sharing your weekend plans. Over the past few years, it has gained more use in the corporate world and job market. Reppler recently surveyed over 300 hiring professionals, and found over 90% of recruiters and hiring managers have visited a potential candidate’s profile on a social network as part of the screening process.

What does this mean for you? Employers are looking at profiles early in the selection process, so it’s time to edit your social networking sites to properly represent you as a respected employee. Your image online, whether dancing on tables or volunteering at shelters, now represents you in the real world. However, social media doesn’t have to be intimidating. Now you can use these networks to find employers and reach out. Here are a few ways to get hired through social media.

Support your professional qualifications. If you put it on your resume, it better be true. Make sure your qualifications are apparent in your work history or career section. Also, make sure all titles and time spent in positions are accurate.

Post appropriate, flattering photos. Avoid posting pictures involving alcohol or parties. You don’t want that to be your only hobby. Make sure to post any photos involving work functions, team building exercises, or volunteering activities to boost your community involvement. You’re aim to promote a positive, respectful self-image.

Keep all written content PG. Use appropriate language in all status posts, comments, or captions. When discussing past employers, post positive comments and benefits of your experience. Remember to not share confidential information from previous employment.

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