Generation X, Y, Z and now C?

Generation c

Currently, there are many brands and organizations that are targeting millenials, but constantly developing technology calls for a shift in marketing efforts. If you’re one of these companies, it’s time to direct your attention to a whole new generation: Generation C. The world of digital media is constantly inventing new ways to engage, and marketing to Generation C is the first step to embracing these ongoing changes. The better you understand this new generation, the more likely your marketing will succeed in the digital word.

Who is Generation C?

What does the ‘C’ stand for? Connectivity, curation, collaboration, creation, community, content. Take your pick.

Unlike Generation X, Y and Z, age is not the common factor in this digitally inclined group. This generation completely disregards age groups and focuses on the attitude and mindset of consumers integrating technology into their lifestyles. The truth is, you don’t have to be born in a specific decade to embrace technology and social media. That’s why Gen C is simply defined as a state of mind that’s based on specific characteristics and qualities. This generation is constantly active and engaged in their online communities by not only consuming content, but creating it as well. According to research done by Think with Google, 90% of Gen C consumers create content at least once a month.

Sharing their lives with the digital world via social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is another common factor. The creativity behind the content and a digital mindset is what distinguishes this generation from the rest. In other words, these are the people that eat, sleep and breathe digital media.

Why Generation C Matters

Although marketing to Generation C might be a challenge, it should be seen as an opportunity for your brand. Since these consumers influence $500 billion worth of spending a year in the U.S., your company has a lot to gain from being in Gen C conversations. Especially when counting that 85% of Gen C relies on peer approval for buying decisions.

By creating relevant and entertaining content, you are enhancing your status in these online communities in which the content is being shared. Gen C is also responsible for most consumer-generated content and is thought to be the most influential and diverse generation. Therefore, by building trust and connecting with these content consumers, you are able to reach further and connect with their extended personal communities.

The diversity of Gen C also means you are able to target different age groups and demographics. This digital generation is less limited than any other, and embracing this widespread reach can be beneficial for your brand. With the assistance of a qualified advertising agency and digital marketing team, you can effortlessly incorporate digital media in your marketing strategy. By being constantly active and connected on digital platforms, you are able to reach these targeted consumers and build relationships with the right audience. Digital media is the present and future of marketing and by targeting these consumers sooner rather than later, your brand and company will be way ahead of the game.

Targeting Generation C

 If done correctly, marketing to Generation C is guaranteed to boost your credibility and reputation within the online community. Unfortunately, reaching this group of connected and unique consumers isn’t as easy as it seems. Gen C requires more convincing than any other target audience. They are looking to engage within their communities and be invited into conversations on social media, forums and blogs. By building such relationships with Gen C, you are gaining their trust, which will benefit your brand in the long run.

Gen C also tends to share content that is appealing to not only themselves, but also to their online communities. They are always looking for reactions and responses to what they share and expect feedback from their following. By creating shareable content, you are targeting Gen C users and creating ongoing conversations within their communities. Qualified marketing agencies are experts at creating relevant, original and entertaining content that targets specific audiences and enhances brand-consumer relationships. Get to know your consumers instead of simply using digital media for selling and marketing.

Through technology, Gen C has gained more control than ever and has established new expecations from brands. They’re looking for an individual experience that is accustomed to their needs, which has opened the door to a new personal era for businesses. Marketing to Generation C means you need to start thinking like your target consumer and create more personalized content that matches their behavior.

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