FROM WHITEBOARDS TO BILLBOARDS AND BEYOND: Full-service advertising for your educational institution.

Full-service advertising for your educational institution.

Since 1987, we’ve worked with the education industry to increase enrollment, differentiate from the competition, educate the public on policies, foster beneficial relationships with the community and more. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we help educational institutions:

  1. Determine the overlying mission
  2. Identify and target coveted audiences
  3. Develop and implement campaign strategies
  4. Fulfill underlying goals and objectives
  5. Deliver quantifiable, qualitative and sustainable results

As partners of both public and private institutions, higher education holds a special place in our hearts. Working with Orlando’s hometown team, the University of Central Florida, we develop strong and long lasting ties between the university and the community. Private colleges such as Beacon College, allow us to focus our marketing skills on a select market in the education industry. We’ve even lent our experience to the whole of Orange County’s K-12 school system with an anti-bullying campaign that ran through 102 schools across the district.

Whether its reaching enrollment goals, raising public awareness of your institution or ensuring students have the information they need to succeed, we provide clients with every component necessary to meet their goals. Get schooled on all our capabilities.

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Creating a strong brand that is consistent across all mediums positively affects the way people look at your institution. Let our branding experts help make your brand stand out and cohesive across all your communications.

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Traditional Advertising

From print collateral and publications to trade show displays and signage, traditional marketing allows you to showcase your brand with tangible pieces your audience can see and hold in their hands.

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Websites and SEO

While our dedicated SEO team knows how to boost search engine rankings and draw leads in, our strategic web designers and programmers specialize in creating websites that attract and convert them.

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Digital Marketing

With our digital marketing services, including email newsletters, social media, pay-per-click ads and more, our goal is to get your audience to click, interact with your institution and track the results.

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Video, Film & Animation

Visual storytelling is one of the most influential ways to communicate to your audience. Speak to them in the most effective way — through their emotions — with our high definition, high energy and high quality video editing and animation expertise.

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Public Relations & Media Buying

Public relations and media buying are all about getting your message in front your target audience and leveraging relationships with the media. With our established media partnerships, we have the creative and strategic capabilities to implement comprehensive PR and multi-media campaigns.

The University of Central Florida

As one of the nation's largest universities by enrollment, the University of Central Florida (UCF) has a diverse audience of students, faculty and alumni from all backgrounds. Appleton works with UCF to strengthen and expand its community relations beyond campus, reaching across the Central Florida area and farther with the goal to bring mutually beneficial opportunities to all.

Campaigns included:

  • Website
  • Member portal with web database
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Signage
  • Evites and event announcements
  • Enewsletters and eblasts

Trinity Preparatory School

Trinity Preparatory School is a premier private school in Central Florida that holds a strong emphasis on education, as well as philanthropic endeavors. Needing to effectively connect with current students, potential enrollees and parents, Trinity Preparatory School enlisted Appleton's marketing skills. Through our branding campaign, the updated look now accurately reflects the school's identity, helping it receive much deserved recognition via all areas of the school's marketing.

Campaigns included:

  • Logos
  • Brand book
  • Campaign theming
  • Icon series
  • Sports series
  • Academic series

Beacon College

Beacon College, a private college located in Leesburg, Florida, offers bachelor degrees exclusively for students with learning disabilities and differences. To promote its academic and personal services, Beacon College needed a strong brand identity for recall purposes. To appeal to prospective students and the community at large, we developed a branding campaign to modernize and unify this institution of higher learning.

Campaigns included:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Direct mail
  • Video
  • Media kit
  • Folder
  • Photography

Our team of advertising specialists are ready to help further your mission. Make the grade with Appleton.

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