Framing the Right Fit: Generating Customer Leads for Sam Flax

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With an iconic building that’s easy to spot in Downtown Orlando, Sam Flax’s vibrant murals and brightly colored tiles draw the attention of the eye and invite patrons to come explore “everything creative” as the brand’s tagline proclaims. Specializing in fine arts, gifts, art classes, and more, Sam Flax is not only Central Florida’s go-to destination for high-quality art supplies but also expert custom framing services.

Sam Flax was facing the challenge of many customers not only being unaware of the expert custom framing services it provides but also all the benefits its expert framers can provide in comparison to the big box retailers. Understanding this, just like Sam Flax tailors solutions to its clients’ needs, our team took to crafting a customized digital marketing strategy to target potential customers and educate them on the advantages of framing with Sam Flax.

Our approach started as any good digital marketing campaign should — by identifying who we are talking to and where these people are located. Being that Sam Flax ultimately had a goal of getting customers in-store to its Downtown Orlando location, our team identified the commuter paths of patrons in the Greater Central Florida area and through the tactic of geofencing, we established a perimeter within a 25-mile radius of the store to address individual customers and interior designers who had the highest likelihood of being able to come into the store.

After identifying who we needed to talk to and within what region, the next step to tackle was selecting a mixture of cross-platform media to distribute the ad content. In order to implement campaign components that would allow for large amounts of data-tracking and quick adjustments after analyzing statistically significant information, our team elected to distribute our ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google Display and Google Maps. These platforms offer various options for running creative executions like static, display, video and carousel ads, just to name a few.

After the targeting and distribution components of the strategy were in place, it was imperative to develop scroll-stopping creative that we would A/B test. The process of A/B Testing entails developing multiple renditions of creative content that swap variables like colors, headlines, visuals, post copy or other elements, in order to identify which creative execution aligns best with the interests of the target audience(s) and would result in more qualified leads.

For one of our concepts, we looked at featuring classic pieces of art that were ruined by having the wrong frame applied to the piece. This comical but relatable approach allows the viewer of the ad to have a laugh while also being exposed to the opportunity to avoid this scenario by having their own art framed by the experts at Sam Flax.

Facebook and Instagram graphic utilizing the Mona Lisa to show how the wrong frame can ruin the beauty of your artwork.

An alternative execution of a Facebook and Instagram graphic utilizing American Gothic to show how the wrong frame can ruin the beauty of your artwork.

Once the users converted on the ads from Facebook, Instagram or Google, they were then taken to a dedicated landing page that further highlighted the benefits of the expert custom framing services Sam Flax offers as well as previous customer testimonials, with the call-to-action to submit for a quote or call the custom framing department right from the landing page. Follow this link to view the current campaign landing page.

In the past ten months since the campaign launched, Appleton has been able to generate hundreds of qualified leads for the Sam Flax custom framing department, with customers having services fulfilled for framing everything from one-of-a-kind paintings to unique family heirlooms that required the finest craftsmanship to preserve their beauty.

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