Four Tips to Keep Your Brand Secure in Social Media

Have you ever seen a friend post something like this in social media?

“I’ve lost 15 pounds using the blah blah diet! We can do this together! Click on this link for more information!”

 Your friend was actually never on the “blah blah diet.” They were hacked. Could you image if that were to happen to your company accounts? Here are our four tips to keep your social media sites safe:

  1.  Store securely: Avoid using shared files or Dropbox to hold any log-in information. There are several free services available for storing important data. We recommend using KeePass and Last Pass to do just that. KeePass saves your documents into an encrypted file and LastPass does the same, but with a remote access feature for your employees.
  2. Have a gatekeeper: One designated person should manage accounts. If anyone else needs to access them, they need to go to the gatekeeper.
  3. Be stingy: Granting access to logins for social media pages should be limited. This information should remain in-house. If a partner company needs Facebook insights, there is no need to casually allow access to go into the content of your pages.
  4. Use the tools you have: Check the settings in all of your accounts. Facebook has a variety of sign-in security features such as two-factor authentication, which requires users verify identity through texting. Of course, change your passwords frequently (once a month or so).

One of the roles in maintaining an effective social media page is to prevent and eliminate the chance of getting hacked, spammed, and phished. Recently, major brands such as Jeep and Burger King’s twitter accounts were hacked, further illustrating the importance on online protection – especially for business.

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