Four Sources of Inspiration for Continuously Fresh Podcast Content

When you’re experiencing periods of time when inspiration just doesn’t seem to be flowing, don’t panic! As a podcast producer, there will surely be times when you fall victim to lulls when coming up with fresh ideas (or the drive to finish pre-existing projects) seems incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, such times pass and your natural creative drive returns, often with more force than before.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with what to do or discuss on your next podcast, there are a few great sources of inspiration that can kick-start your creative juices.

1. The Radio

This may seem like an obvious example since traditional radio programs are still incredibly popular. Nevertheless, this “podcast predecessor can give you ideas for tried-and-tested methods to give your next podcast the impact it needs. The next time you’re listening to your favorite radio program, try for a moment to analyze the progression of the show and ask yourself what makes it interesting, funny, or entertaining. Often, just determining the reasons why you enjoy listening to a specific radio show can cause a chain reaction of excellent ideas you can incorporate into your own broadcasts.

2. Audience Participation

This is quite simple – just ask your listeners what they would like to hear about in upcoming shows. Spice things up by making a poll or offering a prize for the best topic suggestions. This is a great opportunity to involve your listeners in the production of your podcast and you’ll likely be surprised at the many creative and interesting ideas you may never have thought of yourself.

3. Current Events

Sometimes, it is easy to get wrapped up in your own ideas and projects. Often, though, the best way to keep things fresh for your regular listeners is to take a look at current events happening in your niche or area of discussion. Knowing that current events often keep people talking, you can even encourage your listeners to participate in your podcast discussions by asking them to send in audio clips of their thoughts and opinions on a subject matter. Doing this will not only help you generate fresh podcast content but also further solidify your connection with your listeners.

4. Guest Co-Hosts

Invite someone else to be a guest co-host on your podcast. This accomplishes a surprisingly large number of tasks in one go. First, you’ll have someone to collaborate with. Together, you can come up with interesting topics and concepts. This can easily cut your “work” in half or more, and you won’t have to carry the show alone. Secondly, having a guest co-host adds variety to your show and allows you to give your listeners a fresh perspective on topics they find interesting. Furthermore, there is the obvious benefit of the co-host’s listeners downloading your podcast which, in one show, can greatly increase the size of your listener base. All these great benefits are also true for your guest, which makes this a truly win-win scenario.

These are just a few simple ideas that can help you come up with continuously fresh ideas for your podcast. Whenever you’re experiencing a creativity dry spell, try following these tips and see what concepts you can come up with for your next broadcast.


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