FMPA Brings Power to The People with New Website

Through the years, Florida Municipal Power Agency’s (FMPA) mission has been to provide their Florida customers with low-cost, reliable and clean power. With more than 30 municipal electric utilities located around the state, this community-oriented organization’s primary purpose is to create joint power supply resources where cities work together in their efforts to best serve their communities.

In order for FMPA to better provide for their clients, Appleton’s team brainstormed ideas on how to make the new website more modern, streamlined and easy to use for its customers. Appleton’s first step was a customized photo shoot to showcase the faces of the FMPA team and their passion to provide reliable energy for the people of Florida. With these high-quality, professional headshots and custom workplace culture photos, Appleton’s focus was on providing customers with visual representations of their office space and of those that work there.

FMPA’s services are crucial to many, which makes its website an essential link between its company and those in need of its services. A fundamental principle for FMPA is to provide reliable power to all in people in Florida’s communities and with the help of Appleton, the new FMPA website is now ADA Compliant and accessible to all. ADA Compliance pertains to the accessibility of electronic and information technology (like websites) to those with disabilities. Some guidelines that an ADA Compliant website must follow are general visual checks, general code inspections, keyboard navigation, website forms structure and other common elements. Following these regulations, Appleton’s team created the website to be accessible for all FMPA’s clients.

Other features like custom programming, animations and an events calendar were also created to provide FMPA with an innovative, user-friendly website. With the development of an interactive map and robust search functionality, customers are able to easily find where they need to go. The new website is a valuable way to support FMPA consumers and their community by providing a strong communication pathway and helpful resources.

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