Five Tech Habits to Adopt

With so many technology advances and updates made each day, it can be difficult to keep up with the times. It’s also easy to lose track of your files and become unorganized. Mashable has developed a list of great habits to adopt. We’ve chosen our favorite new tech habits to keep you updated, organized, and efficient.

1. Cull App Clutter

We’ve all got those random apps that were once a good idea. Set aside time to search through your phone and delete any items you might not use again. Organize the remaining apps into folders. To avoid apps getting out of hand, download new additions into a single folder or page.

2. Create Impenetrable Passwords

Recent research has shown a continuous use of weak, easily hacked passwords, even though online identity has grown in importance. Many tools and websites can help generate difficult passwords. There are also tools to help memorize them. Protect your identity and data.

3. Sit Up Straight

As you may know, Appleton Creative has always made an effort to stress physical wellness in the workplace. You can too by monitoring your body and health while sitting at a desk all day. Try to manage your time spent sitting down, look at chairs that offer support, and reduce the time spent on the couch with your laptop or tablet.

4. Start Backing Up on a Regular Basis

Recent studies have shown 43% of computer owners back up files less than once a year. Computer crashes are random and a perfect time for data loss. Start backing up and do it as often as possible. By making it part of your tech routine you can ensure your data is in-tact.

5. Keep Your Inbox Tidy

Emails have become a go-to method of communication in the business world. Stay organized by setting up folders and shortcuts to save you time and space. You can archive your current inbox and avoid the email overload by trying to clear out your inbox at the end of every day or week.

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