Five Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

As one of the top marketing firms in the Orlando area, we stay up to date with the newest and most advanced items in the tech world. We are web and app designers, after all. We picked five of our favorite digital media resources that can be used everyday. These can be great gifts for friends or a tool for adding convenience in your life. For the full list, visit Mashable.

1. Facebook’s iPhone Gift Giving App: Back in September, Facebook launched their gifts application. This feature allows users to give real-world gifts to their friends on the social network, and doesn’t require a physical address. Gifts range from edible delights to thrill rides.

2. Buy Wine From Amazon: In November Amazon launched selling more than 1,000 wines, divided into five categories: red, white, rose, sparkling, and dessert. These wines are available for delivery in 12 states, and are listed and warehoused not by Amazon, but by individual sellers.

3. Gramophone Amplifies Your iPhone: The iPhone Gramophone sound dock is designed to look like a traditional gramophone. The brass horn amplifies sound right from its speaker without any batteries or electricity.  The dock accepts all iPhone models, and is retailed at $249.

4. Flu Near You is a free Android app by HealthMap showing where outbreaks of the flu are in your region as reported by the CDC. You can view flu vaccination rates for your state and read breaking news.  The app includes vaccine finder to locate places to get the flu shot.

5. Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards: Pinterest introduced “secret boards”, which limit visibility to only the creator and to whom they grant access. Private boards can be turned on or off one time before it becomes permanent. However, you can’t hide existing boards.

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