Feeling Zany? Come Show Your Stripes at the Zebra Run

Zebra Run badge

What’s a zebra without its stripes? Come out to Downtown Orlando on Saturday, October 11, 2014 to run for your stripes in the race of your life. Zebra Run is a 5k-long party, featuring eccentric and zany entertainment to keep you pumped throughout the race. Whether you wear your stripes to blend in or to stand out, this off-the-wall 5k will keep you dancing along to the music and feeling kooky.

Zebra Coalition is hosting its inaugural Zebra Run to help raise awareness for their mission—providing a network of services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all youth ages 13-24. Zebra Coalition helps LGBT+ youth battle homelessness, bullying, isolation from their families, and physical, sexual and drug abuse.

Zebra Coalition paired with Appleton Creative to develop the identity of the 5k Zebra Run, including the logo design, race name and public relations initiatives.

Ready to join the herd? For more information or to sign up, visit zebrarun.com.

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