Sam Flax - A Creative Collaboration


About the Client

Sam Flax is a locally owned art supply store in Orlando, FL, offering a large selection of art supplies, printing, framing, stationery, fine pens, office furniture and more. The company has been in the art arena for decades, always expanding the business and its quality offerings. In addition to the art product selection, Sam Flax offers unique gifts and hosts regular art classes.

Sam Flax and Appleton have a longstanding relationship that has resulted in unmatched creative campaign collateral and consistent results.

Services Include

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Videos 
  • Community Events
  • Social Media Videos
  • Social Media Graphics + GIFs
  • Website Landing Pages
  • Public Relations

Sam Flax has been a family-owned business since 1919 with

multiple locations throughout the United States.

Crafting Digital Brilliance

Appleton has launched multiple multi-platform digital marketing campaign for Sam Flax on Facebook, Instagram and Google to increase foot traffic into the local store and total monthly revenue. To keep content fresh, new series of robust static and video ads are created to capture the attention of the target audience and entice them to engage with the ads.

Real Deal Love

Crafting creative, engaging digital ads is vital for the success of digital marketing campaigns, especially for brands like Sam Flax. In today's visually-driven digital landscape, campaigns like “Love Your Art” and “Express Yourself” are prime examples of how impactful graphics can form strong connections with viewers. By highlighting Sam Flax's quality products and encouraging self-expression, Sam Flax has strengthens its brand awareness, driven engagement and fostered lasting relationships with its target audience.

In under a year, Sam Flax's digital marketing campaign earned

over 2.5 million impressions, reached nearly 700,000 individuals

and received 47,000 clicks.

Gossip Girls

The creative for Sam Flax’s digital campaigns bring audiences close to the heart of artistry. Whether it’s historically renowned artists “gossiping” about Sam Flax being their favorite art store or showing the importance of how the wrong frame can ruin the beauty of famous works of art, the ads capture the attention of the brand’s target audience.

The Sam Flax Wall Project is Orlando's largest one-day mural event, celebrating some of the community's best artists. 

More Creativity Ahead