Orlando Health - A Marketing Collaboration


About the Client

Orlando Health is one of Florida’s largest and most comprehensive network of healthcare providers and a leading resource for health services in Central Florida. With hospitals and rehabilitation centers comprised of more than 3,000 physicians and 23,000 employees, Orlando Health utilized advanced technology and its experienced staff to provide quality medical care to millions of people.

Since 2010, Appleton has been a strategic and creative resource for Orlando Health, providing several multi-media campaigns for brand awareness, in addition to campaigns focused on primary care, its Heart Institute and the Sports Medicine division.

Services Include

  • Themed Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Media Buying

    In 2017, Orlando Health helped

    over 1.3 million patients.

    The Internet is Always Right … Right?

    To target millennials in the Central Florida area, we conducted a focus group that found most people in this demographic respond best to humorous ads. To align Orlando Health with this fact, we created this playful multimedia campaign aimed at supplementing people’s internet searches of health-related issues with a second opinion from a real doctor.

    A Campaign Focused on


    The Orlando Health Sports Medicine division serves as a rehabilitation program for patients of all ages who need individualized care for their injuries. Featuring members of the Orlando City Soccer Club, our marketing strategy focused on a digitally-driven campaign to increase community awareness and participation.

    Capturing the Hearts of Many

    Our work for the Orlando Health Heart Institute centered on building awareness of the program to increase both appointment and information requests at the institute. The campaign included multiple mediums from digital and email marketing to buying media in English- and Spanish-speaking markets.

    Unleashing the Dragon

    The Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival is an annual competition that has benefited both Orlando Health’s mission to support breast cancer awareness and Nemours’ commitment to helping children. We had the unique opportunity to design the Dragon Boat logo and marketing materials, in addition to the Orlando Health boat wraps. Each year, we also flex our muscle to compete in the races and show support for the organization they benefit.