CNL Financial Group

About the Client

CNL Financial Group is one of downtown Orlando’s most prominent companies, marked by its iconic cupola towering over Orange Avenue. Founded in 1973, the private investment management firm believes relationships transcend transactions. It focuses on exploring alternative investment options in and out of real estate and providing a diverse group of products to its investors. Over the years, CNL has achieved impressive milestones and undergone continuous growth, including the development of multiple divisions to widen its reach and capabilities.

For decades, Appleton has cherished a creative relationship with CNL, developing several marketing campaigns and branding projects.

Services Include

  • Website
  • Logos
  • Mobile website
  • Brand System + Guide
  • Videography
  • Animated Web Banners
  • Webinar Videos
  • Invitations
  • Direct Mail
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Brochures
  • Print Ads
  • Promotional Items
  • Flyers + Fact Sheets
  • Intranet Design + Animation
  • Campaign Launch

Over its 50 years in business, CNL Financial Group has grown to a billion-dollar company. A substantial portion of the earnings have flowed into the Orlando community through the CNL Charitable Foundation and CNL Workplace Giving Campaigns.

Banking on Brilliant Branding

A Brand that Expands

A brand is more than just a logo or a tagline; it’s a reflection of an organization’s values, vision, and commitment to excellence. CNL’s brand is characterized by professionalism, innovation and integrity with a timeless logo and memorable colors that exude credibility. The comprehensive brand guide we created serves as a roadmap for CNL and its partners to uphold this carefully crafted image.

Building Wealth and Caring for Health


CNL Healthcare Properties invests in both digital and traditional marketing channels to reach its target audience and drive investor engagement. Whether through the informative website we created or eye-catching print advertisements we designed, Appleton has helped position CHP as a trusted partner in the healthcare real estate market, driving growth and delivering value.

Strumming Success with Corporate Capital Trust

Educate the Target Audience with Video

Corporate Capital Trust (CCT) offers opportunities to invest in private American companies, boasting a diverse portfolio of brands like Guitar Center, Inc. This unique brand inspired our powerful, musical marketing collateral for this demand-generation campaign, including an interactive direct mail promotion. Appleton won a Creativity Award for this one-of-a-kind arrangement, which opens to include a small accordion brochure and guitar pick, set on a pillow top to stand out.

Strategic Marketing for a Strategic Company

The CNL Strategic Capital Branding Takes on a Natural Feel

Well-branded, visually captivating print collateral serves as a powerful tool for CNL Strategic Capital to communicate its value proposition, showcase its unique offerings and engage potential investors. In addition to the division’s logo, we created an overview brochure and other assets to position it for success in the private equity investment landscape.

Our Priorities Begin with Real Results

Prioritizing Real Relationships

After undergoing a rebrand of its existing portfolio of services, CNL needed a distinctive marketing campaign to reach the target market and differentiate from competitors. The multimedia print campaign connected with audiences by leveraging the human element with real people. The message of “Our Priorities Begin with Yours” was delivered loud and clear: CNL is not about transactions, but rather relationships.

Enter the CNL Square

The Square Campaign Took CNL to the Next Level

CNL had a goal of boosting awareness of its sixteen companies, both in the public’s mind and among its own associates. Appleton developed “Enter the Square,” which featured representative building icons in the “CNL Square” community, to illustrate the synergy and interplay among these various corporate divisions. At the rollout, attendees sat in the middle of the “Square” set up at Universal Studios and gained a better understanding of CNL’s family of companies.

Invested in All of Our Clients

Print Perfection for CNL Sprott Strategic Asset Fund

Using the logo we created for CNL Sprott Strategic Asset Fund, our team designed a case study flyer, fun fact card and branded envelope. These assets convey the division’s impressive capabilities and inform viewers in an engaging, professional manner. Appleton’s work for CNL’s Sprott Strategic Asset Fund demonstrates the timeless power of impressive print collateral.

Invested in All of Our Clients