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Navigating the Web Development Landscape

In most cases, your website is the first component of your brand that people see. Now consider that it only takes individuals approximately 50 milliseconds to form an initial judgement of a site. A website must draw users in — and do it fast — to establish a solid reputation and invite them to stay. Serving as the foremost digital representation of a company, websites require attention-grabbing design, user-friendly interfaces and highly relevant information. These pieces all converge in web development and ultimately work together to allow users to engage with the site and build a relationship with the brand.

It is important to note that in the eye of the consumer, a website’s design has the biggest impact on interest levels and perceived credibility. From layout to color choices to text size, 94% of a site’s first impressions are based on how it’s designed. This means that if a website is visually appealing, its audience is more likely to stick around to actually use it and explore the content it has available. This makes it clear that design is foundational to a user’s experience with your website, and in turn, the rest of your brand.

In addition to design, there are a variety of items that need to be considered prior to and during the creation of a website. When building a site, you must be prepared with the messages you want to send, the content to be delivered and the calls to action to be implemented. To promote overall usability, you will also need to invest in functionality, intuitive navigation and mobile responsiveness. Not only should you pay mind to the front-facing features of your website, but also the back-end features, such as database design and APIs. The web development process is multifaceted and complex, demanding experienced professionals with high attention to detail and sound judgement for the best quality product.

Why Choose an Orlando Web Development Agency?

If you’re interested in optimizing the customer experience of your brand’s website to the highest extent, opting for a local web development agency offers many benefits. For starters, an Orlando-based agency pairs well with an Orlando-based company for their common understanding of their shared local market. Having a rooted knowledge of the culture and preferences in the area helps paint a picture of the typical consumer, ultimately contributing to a website customized to the appropriate audience.

Shared geographical location also provides the opportunity for face-to-face interactions and timely responses. These considerations may seem minor in our day and age. However, in-person collaboration is powerful in building strong relationships and harboring open communication. Not to mention, having a web development agency in the same area as your company means time zones are never a problem, so responses, support and resolutions are far quicker.

Partnering with a local agency to create a website extends many advantages, but location is not of the utmost importance when considering who to help you build your primary digital representation. Above all, the team you pick should be able to blend its expertise with your ideas, needs and goals to create a well-tailored, aesthetically pleasing site.

Appleton’s Unique Approach to Web Development

Here at Appleton, we take a comprehensive approach to website development that listens carefully to clients from start to finish. This way, our team knows how to take its skills and knowledge to best create a functional, beautiful website that makes your brand stand out.

For any project taken on by Appleton, there is an initial discovery phase. This encompasses market and competitor research, the establishment of client goals and the evaluation of past and current resources and assets. The excitement of jumping into creating a new website may cause many to overlook this crucial aspect of the web development process. However, Appleton is a strong believer in the power of research, especially for projects of this type. Market research refines strategies, highlights opportunities and threats, teaches about competition and creates a solid understanding of the target market. We always pay special attention to the discovery phase because it provides a well-grounded base to work off of for the rest of the website development process.

Working off everything gathered in the discovery stage, Appleton’s web development process moves into production. This begins with the completion of a suggested sitemap, which lays out the structure of the website to be designed, serving as a “blueprint” and helping to provide a “big picture.” Sitemaps concisely organize and plan out the content for the site, so both clients and developers experience the benefits of knowing what to expect. We leave time for feedback and discussions surrounding the sitemap to get it to the client’s ideal form, at which point the project enters the design stage.

As mentioned earlier, a website’s design is extremely impactful on how it draws the audience in. This is why we are dedicated to working with our clients until they are content with the feel and appearance of their site. Beginning with the homepage, multiple creative concepts are put together and undergo a series of feedback and refinements. Once the overarching theme that visually represents the brand is established, the rest of the interior pages are developed accordingly. The design process is elaborate to account for the importance of aesthetics to the consumer, but also to create a smooth transition into the full programming of the website. This is when Appleton builds out the working version of the site on a private development server, using original templates and plugins created specifically for the client’s project and audience needs. This works hand in hand with initial search engine optimization (SEO) setup, when Appleton will complete a variety of tasks to help the site rank well in organic searches. From adhering to W3C standards to 404 page setups to keyword and title optimization, this step is necessary for increasing web traffic and enhancing both the quality and visibility of the site.

Once the production phase concludes and the website content is approved, it goes through a robust testing process to ensure optimum functionality. The Appleton team examines the responsiveness of the site on the latest versions of every browser and device you could imagine. Considering over half of global web traffic is from mobile devices, a website’s responsiveness should be a major priority to improve usability and the overall user experience. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring the websites we create work on any device using any search engine before it goes live. After the testing process, the site is finally launched by the Appleton team and available for its users to explore.

Client Success Stories

Our thorough approach to web development has been applied to numerous clients from varying industries with widely ranging needs. Below, you can find some of our most recent website development projects, from initial goals to final products.

Walker Miller Equipment Co.

Walker Miller is a family-owned construction equipment distributor in Orlando, FL that has been serving contractors and municipalities since 1961.

  • Needs + Goals: Create an updated, responsive e-commerce site using existing product data. The client wanted the site to provide background about the company and its services and emphasized overall user-friendliness and cohesiveness.
  • Result:

Designed Learning

Designed Learning is an organization founded by Peter Block that provides consulting, leadership and empowerment workshops to help advance professional skills.

  • Needs + Goals: Realign the brand’s identity with a refreshing, functional website presence. The client wanted to provide more resources and results for its own clients through clean design and an optimized user experience.
  • Result:; find out more here

Zebra Youth

Zebra Youth provides resources and assistance to homeless and at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. It has been upholding its mission of empowering LGBTQ+ youth to thrive for over 12 years by providing affordable housing, mental health counseling, proactive support, community education and more.

  • Needs + Goals: Update the organization’s website to make resources more easily accessible to its six primary target groups: youth, parents, care providers, funders, community partners and volunteers. Zebra Youth overall wanted a modernized, more streamlined website for ease of use for its audience.
  • Result:; read more here

Pullman West

Pullman West is a group of professional interior designers, remodelers and curators located in Rockledge, FL that helps customers reinvent their living spaces.

  • Needs + Goals: Implement a creative, visually pleasing aesthetic that matches the caliber of the company’s interior design capabilities and provide an overall exceptional user experience.
  • Result:; find out more here

As you can see, our capabilities range as wide as our clients need them to. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service Orlando advertising agency that works with local, national and international clients to deliver impressive ad campaigns, branding, print, web, public relations, social media and video services — all in-house. At Appleton, we want to learn about your business, empower your marketing team and be your creative resource. Your advertising goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-537-6352 or


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