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  1. Two critical elements influencing email deliverability can be summarized by sender reputation and content relevance. An email sender’s reputation is developed over time by sending consistently to well-managed distribution lists. This is then further influenced by producing content that is highly targeted and relevant to your audience.
  2. If your email marketing vendor supports Google Analytics tracking, convert your web links so you can track all the different pages of your website that a customer or prospects visits after they click thru from the email.
  3. Before launching an email blast, make sure you test in different email browsers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Consider testing this tactic: a week or two after you send an email blast download the non-openers and send them a second email with a different subject line. Make sure, however, that you suppress the openers.
  4. When writing an email blast, put a call-to-action button at both the top AND bottom of a piece, and make some of the text clickable throughout the body copy. That way whenever the recipient decides to click through and take the offer, they won’t have to scroll up or down to find a “submit” button. Make it ultra-easy to respond at any time throughout the email.
  5. If your headline in an HTML email is a graphic and contains the offer, make sure you re-state the offer as the first line of text in the body copy. Some browsers strip out graphics in an HTML email, and if your offer is in the headline that gets stripped out because it’s part of the graphics, then the recipient will not immediately know what the offer is. They shouldn’t be expected to read the whole email before the offer is repeated again in the footer. In general, you should design HTML emails with more copy than images because many email browsers nowadays are automatically blocking images.
  6. If you are B2B, keep in mind when creating email campaigns that many professionals use the preview pane. As a result, try to put your offer at the top of the email. You should also keep your subject line to 50 characters or less.
  7. If you have the data to do so, consider segmenting your email file into the 4 time zones. This will enable you to accurately test and find out exactly what blast time produces the best results.
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