Easy Outdoor Advertising: Shopping Bags

The hottest marketing trends have been all about social media, web marketing, SEO, and apps. Everyone is jumping on the digital bandwagon, but what about traditional advertising media? Outdoor advertising can be just as fresh and exciting as the others with the right graphic design. Trust us. We’re one of the top advertising agencies in the Orlando area.

Shopping bags are often one of the most neglected elements in advertising. They’re usually boring and only thought of when we need a liner for our trash cans. Think about it for a moment. Bags in general are used in the everyday lives of the active consumer. They carry bags for every situation in life – shopping, going to class, going to work, visiting a friend, etc. These are all advertising opportunities that can be used for your company.

There are two words to sum up the utilization of design for shopping bags: easy advertising. You can spread your brand wherever the purchasing consumer carries it. With an innovative idea, great  functionality and an eye-catching design – people will take notice.

Here is a list of some of our favorite shopping bag graphic designs:





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