EarthLinked Technologies Previews New, Intelligent Product at IGSHPA

Earthlinked group at IGSHPA

The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) is hosting the Technical Conference and Expo in Baltimore, Maryland this Wednesday and Thursday. The two-day conference will feature a wide variety of geothermal community representatives, including manufacturers, contractors and distributers. EarthLinked Technologies, Inc. is the leading manufacturer in geothermal technologies and will be hosting a booth at the expo in order to introduce their new, revolutionary system.

EarthLinked Technologies offers the leading global technology in geothermal heating and cooling systems. The EarthLinked system “harvests” the constant energy directly stored in the Earth. The system moves heat using a closed loop of environmentally friendly refrigerant. The true effectiveness of the energy transfer comes from our unique use of copper as an uninterrupted path to the heat source, resulting in a system 400 times more effective than that of plastic or other materials. EarthLinked systems are operating successfully in a variety of applications and climates, saving money for customers around the world and making life easier for people and the planet.

EarthLinked is a pioneer in the industry and will be presenting their latest product at the IGSHPA conference. The heating and cooling system has been redesigned to better fit the needs of consumers and technicians. One unit efficiently fulfills 100% of heating and cooling needs and provides free hot water. What once was hardware is now software, providing an uninterrupted flow of refrigerant digitally through the assistance of a virtual “brain” that helps operate the device itself. Fewer parts lead to less hassle and an overall more efficient product and service.

Appleton Creative worked with EarthLinked Technologies to create promotional material for the conference, new unit and overarching brand. Appleton designed and created pop-up banners and consumer brochures for the event to highlight the benefits of EarthLinked geothermal systems. We also produced an animated PowerPoint to be viewed by thousands of attendees for the new product presentation. In support of EarthLinked Technologies, Appleton’s marketing team will be on-site at the conference. Appleton’s VP of Marketing and Client Relations, Amy Wise, will assist EarthLinked in their new product preview and marketing operations on location.

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