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This time last year we announced our status as Agency of Record for EarthLinked Technologies, Inc. Looking at the year in review, the details are too exciting not to share.

EarthLinked Technologies provides innovative geothermal heating and cooling systems to homes nationwide through their elite dealer network. Established in 1980, they strived to develop the simplest, most efficient means of using the solar energy stored in the shallow earth for heating and cooling residential and commercial spaces. The passion, creativity and long-term dedication of the entire EarthLinked team have enabled the company to develop significant renewable energy systems since opening their doors 34 years ago.

EarthLinked came to Appleton with a strong product and superior services but a need to educate the public. As the agency of record, our partnership began with an update to their existing website to make it more educational, functional and informative. From there, we constructed a newsletter template; several landing pages based on the immediate and direct needs of dealers, customers and general company goals; and presentation materials. In working with EarthLinked, we were able to unify their brand for a consistent image.

In addition to dealer-specific landing pages, we produced custom PowerPoint templates and presentations for sales training and technological training, all in an effort to increase the efficiency of their elite dealer network. Their custom training manual is in progress and will match the updated and unified brand Appleton solidified. With the efforts of Appleton Creative, the EarthLinked dealer’s site saw a 437.5% increase in unique visitors, 185% increase in total visits and the average visit length grew to nearly 4 minutes. Their organic traffic for the dealer site has nearly tripled.

After getting EarthLinked internally prepared, we set our sights on the customers instituting a direct mail campaign; public relations efforts, including a fact sheet and media push; and consumer collateral. The organic visitors increased to more than half of all traffic and the site saw an increase in mobile users following the marketing, public relations and advertising pushes by our team at Appleton Creative. Over the next three to six months, traffic will continue to increase as we implement a systematic schedule of pay-per-click ads and consumer awareness campaigns.

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