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Which advertising medium suits you best?

In the 1940’s, advertisers had only two options – newspaper and radio.  Simple. Easy. Of course, the advertising world is not so targeted today. We live in a world where the internet, television, billboards, radio stations, newspapers and collateral materials compete for consumer attention. Today’s advertisers are faced with the dilemma of choice.

With a variety of mediums, each with their own benefits and downfalls, it’s vital to strategically select the best option for your target audience. Or, as so many companies have discovered, suffer as efforts reach the wrong audience, a story is told in an unappealing way and important ad dollars go to waste. Appleton Creative specializes in advertising strategies and campaign execution. Allow Appleton to do the work for you – while you focus on business growth and customer satisfaction.

Here’s a quick look at three options:

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is the second largest advertising medium, second only to television. Bonus: It’s a great option for a low budget campaign.

Cutting-edge programs such as Google AdWords allow you to choose where to place your ad, how much you’re willing to spend, and track how well your efforts are working. Appleton Creative’s web strategist is an expert in Google AdWords, as well as other tools including Facebook, LinkedIn, search engine optimization (SEO), and e-commerce.

Television Advertising (Video)

Television advertising is still a solid option for creating a visually compelling story of your product or service. According to the US Department of Labor, Americans spend 52 minutes a day watching television commercials. TV ads reach a large audience, allowing you to showcase your company’s brand, create unforgettable jingles, slogans and become part of pop culture.

Appleton Creative designed and developed effective television advertisements for ReMax, AAA and Hilton Grand Vacations. Appleton Creative proudly provides script and concept, directing and film, post production, original music production and hosts an in-depth footage library – all in house.

Print Advertising

Print ads are a time-tested option – print can be in many different forms.  For advertisers this means focusing on a special section in the newspaper and choosing a demographic-match magazine. Print is a tangible medium with long-lasting appeal and the ability to remain in circulation beyond a print date.

Appleton has your print needs covered whether it’s a print ad or collateral materials for promotions; we’ve got the experience you need.

In fact, Appleton has it all in-house: Concept and strategic development, advertising campaigns, corporate logos and brand development, publications and catalogs and direct marketing.

Pick your advertising partner wisely because advertising is no longer a simple two-trick game.

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