Designing and Renovating a New Website for Pullman West

Pullman West Mockup

Who is Pullman West?

Pullman West is a group of professional interior designers, remodelers, and curators in Rockledge, Florida. Originating from a merger between Island Paint and Decorating and the East Coast Cabinet Company, these two companies came together to bring interior design to life.

They work with their customers to reimagine kitchen, bath, and living areas.

Specializing in:

  • Interior Design
  • Renovations & Remodeling
  • Furnishings
  • Building Partnerships

Because the Pullman West showroom is located next to railroad tracks, the inspiration for the name comes from the Pullman Car Company, a railroad company founded in the late 19th century.

The company was famous for luxury and innovation. They offered all different kinds of train cars and revolutionized the sleeping car. The founder, George Pullman, believed in the “commercial value of beauty.”

The team members at Pullman West value this approach to client service just as much as we do here at Appleton.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Dedicated to elegance, the team at Pullman West can help you turn your house into your dream home.

Unlike many other companies in the field, Pullman West is not bound to any particular style. One of their top priorities is to make sure whatever style they create is authentic to who you are.

They begin their process by listening to what your tastes are for styles, colors, and how you plan to use the space. Then, they transform your preferences into a design that fits your needs and one you’ll love for years to come.

“I don’t like focusing on trends because they come and go. My focus usually goes to a long-lasting individual look…” 

— Wilver Palencia, Lead Interior Designer

A Customized Client-first Approach.

At Appleton, we take a similar approach to Pullman West: we listen first. We learn about who our clients are and what they represent as a brand, and then we get to work.

For a company that radiates as much creativity as Pullman West, we knew they needed a site to represent their beautiful craftsmanship while ensuring the website remains practical.

Appleton collaborated with the Pullman West team to create a website with a simple, yet sleek modern look.

How We Created a Beautiful, Functional Website

Aside from implementing an aesthetic that is as high caliber as its brand, it was important to Appleton and Pullman West that the new website provide an exceptional user experience. Specialty features like a vertical sticky navigation bar, “lazy load” content, and a storytelling design approach all serve as elegant components of an optimized user interface and experience.

The site is also integrated with an innovative “before and after” slider to showcase Pullman West’s work, as well as individual portfolio pages with image galleries highlighting the intricacies of each project.

You can check out the finished product here at

Your Company’s Website Can Say a Lot About Your Brand – If It Can Be Found.

Ask yourself: When was the last time you went on the second page of Google in search of a service or product? It’s probably been a while.

Let’s face it, if you aren’t on the first page, your brand practically doesn’t exist in the eyes of the consumer. According to HubSpot, 75% of searchers will never scroll past the first page.

In today’s digital world, almost everyone finds local businesses by searching online and more people are searching on mobile devices than ever. Hence, why it is more important than ever to get creative and make sure people can find you.

But once they are there, it is equally important to keep them there, or maybe even get them to come back. We can help.

When developing apps and websites, our services include:

  • Responsive websites
  • UX/UI Strategy + Integration
  • E-commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Landing Pages
  • Online Databases
  • Client Portals
  • Custom Analytics & Reporting
  • Touch Screen Design
  • App Development

Let us help you get your name out there and create a website worth remembering.

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