Designed Learning Unveils Its Stylish New Website

No matter your industry, it’s important to create a culture that your employees believe in.

The team at Designed Learning enables its clients to create these types of environments by offering a variety of consulting, leadership, and empowerment workshops to help advance necessary professional skills.

Designed Learning was founded by Peter Block, an author and consulting expert, who has built a team focused on delivering structured learning experiences to organizational leaders and the groups they support. Led by the belief that the person is central to the success of every organization, Designed Learning was established to offer workshops based on the ideas in his books including one of his most well-known works, Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used.

What Services Does Designed Learning Offer?


Designed Learning’s first program, “Consult,” is built on the foundations of Flawless Consulting and provides students of the program with a better understanding on how to utilize their consulting expertise. Foundations of the program include how to increase commitment, how to offer better client support, and how to develop a beneficial relationship while increasing the leverage you have with them.


“Convene” is meant to teach leaders how to bring their team together and drive engagement through The Structure of Belonging. This model utilizes Designed Learning’s Six Conversations Method: Invitation, Possibility, Gifts, Ownership, Commitment, and Dissent. 


“Empower” is centered around building trusting relationships and creating healthy work environments with accountability among employees.

Outside of these programs, Designed Learning hosts workshops for small teams and large organizations. They are delivered in groups of 8 to 24 people and can be private or public and attended virtually or in-person.

Even the best leaders can grow. We made it easier to do so.

At Appleton, our team takes a highly practical approach to web design, prioritizing functionality and ease-of-use above all else. For our recent collaboration with Designed Learning, we were aware of the importance of creating an intuitive and streamlined user experience that would help further the company’s mission of assisting individuals seeking to advance their consulting and relationship-building skills.

One key element of our design was ensuring that the website’s target audience had easy access to Designed Learning’s workshops. To achieve this, we implemented event integrations that allow visitors to quickly and easily register for workshops or purchase books and product sheets that could help them on their journey.

Designed Learning's Workshops feature

From the moment a user lands on the homepage, they are presented with an array of resources to guide them on their path to self-improvement. In addition to showcasing Designed Learning’s core programs, we also prominently featured books authored by the company’s founder, Peter Block, so that users can access resources outside of the website to continue advancing their skills.

By incorporating responsive website development techniques, we were able to create a visually striking and highly functional website that offers easy navigation to company background information, online workshops, video and book resources, and much more.

We believe that a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate is more likely to drive conversions and help achieve our clients’ goals. Our approach is always tailored to the specific needs of each project and its target audience, allowing us to create UX/UI strategies that ensure maximum impact.

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