Create Your Own Town Hall Meeting — Live and in Living Color

Good corporate culture can be the result of many things. This can begin with a strong mission statement and include accessibility to executives. Recently, Appleton Creative has noticed a resurgence of town hall-like meetings. Instead of creating silos of communication within a company, a town hall meeting allows the CEO or President to speak to everyone at once by opening the floor up for questions and interacting with employees. Meetings like these are a great time to address questions, concerns, or milestones of the company.

If you choose to connect with your employees through a town hall meeting, be sure to take video. A good video package will make sure your town hall meeting has legs beyond the day of the event.

Top ways to use town hall videos:

  • Share your culture on-line by posting featured segments
  • Make this part of your historic timeline
  • Use the footage in your next corporate video
  • Use this video as part of your new employee training
  • Produce a transcript of the meeting as part your internal review

Appleton Creative’s video department in Orlando knows a thing or two about what it takes to deliver attention-grabbing videos that are superior in quality. Contact our Orlando studio at 407-246-0092 or e-mail Amy at to get more information about our full service on-location shoots in high-def, video editing, and script writing for your next corporate video production.

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