Consumers Know that Seeing is Believing When They Watch Product Videos

product explainer videos

Video has become a big part of consumer marketing and continues to be utilized throughout various aspects of businesses. Businesses are accustomed to explaining products through descriptions and visuals. Despite being commonly used, customers have revealed that text and images tend to lack depth when representing a product, which ultimately affects the way it is interpreted. These drawbacks have led companies to search for more efficient alternatives that properly reflect their products. They have discovered that product explainer videos have the greatest potential to go deeper than more simplistic methods. Product videos can demonstrate merchandise more efficiently, boost sales and develop trust with customers.

Why Should Your Company Create Product Videos?

Explain the Product Better

Video has the power to accurately demonstrate products, more so than text and images. In fact, a recent study has revealed that 71% of consumers believe video can explain a product better than images or text. Not only can a product explainer video efficiently describe merchandise, but it can also demonstrate how to properly use it as well as any key features that may not be immediately observable, a benefit that even images have a difficult time accomplishing. Even if you don’t want to completely ditch descriptions and images, video is a dynamic tool that can further enhance customers’ comprehension of your product.

Increase Purchase Intent

As previously stated, a large percentage of buyers will have a better understanding of the product after watching a product video. Because consumers will have a better grasp of the merchandise, more of them will feel secure with making a purchase. In fact, 73% of people who watch a video that explains the product are more likely to purchase that product. Only 46% of consumers will drive to a store to see a product if a video isn’t available. These impressive statistics demonstrate how persuasive video really can be.

Build Trust with Consumers

If consumers trust your company, they’re more likely to make purchases. Videos are arguably the best way to display products, so it’s critical to demonstrate everything consumers may be interested in. Giving potential buyers a better sense of the product will show them exactly what they’re paying for, eliminating any confusion or apprehension. Because of this, it’s no surprise that about 58% of buyers trust companies who create product videos. This sense of trust is established by thoroughly explaining all aspects of a product, proving that the company has its customers’ best interest in mind.

If utilized correctly, product explainer videos can have a huge impact on your merchandise’s success. Since product videos include a powerful combination of sight and sound, its effect is much more influential than static images and descriptions. Interested in learning more tips and tricks about product explainer videos? Collaborate with a professional video team to experience the most benefits. 

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