Appleton Creative Company Overview

Appleton has been creating, strategizing and thriving for over three decades. Throughout the years, we have cultivated a full suite of marketing and advertising services in Orlando, FL that promote local, national and international companies and organizations both large and small. 

At our core, we are strategic thinkers with the abilities to set objectives and analyze data to enhance and track client success. We are creative warriors who champion innovation and are inspired by the unique opportunities we encounter every day. We are brand ambassadors who believe in the marketing power of a strong, consistent brand, and we have the knowledge and expertise to set brands in motion through any medium. 

Within the big, yellow historic home that is our creative space, each of our divisions is comprised of dedicated, experienced and energetic professionals who leverage their skill sets to produce quality, results-driven work. These divisions — and the people who make them up — work in tandem to ensure consistency of brand and messaging, streamline communication and ultimately optimize our client’s success.

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