Come Rain or Shine, Orlando Utilities Commission Customers Can Always Count on “The Reliable One”

OUC power outages

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) recently reinforced its nickname, “The Reliable One” after rapidly restoring power to many of its customers who were affected by Hurricane Irma. The historic storm devastated many areas in its path, including parts of Central Florida, and left an estimated 12 million Floridians without power. Due to the widespread OUC power outages, the company enlisted the help of our video team to document the countless hours they put into this massive restoration process.

The Orlando utility company didn’t wait until the storm blew over to jump into action. Prior to Irma’s arrival, the team recruited 450 linemen and 250 tree trimmers from other states in order to repair the OUC power outages. OUC tended to the crews, who were brought in from around the country, by taking care of their meals, providing transportation, making lodging arrangements and even doing their laundry. Everyone who was involved worked nonstop, many operating through the night to ensure OUC’s customers could return to normalcy as fast as possible. As of September 16, it was reported that 99.5% of OUC power outages were restored in less than a week after the storm hit.

Since Hurricane Irma impacted the state, OUC has been a beacon of hope for many Central Florida residents. OUC had hundreds of linemen working tirelessly to get our community up and running again. Our video team witnessed the enormous amount of effort it took the crews to help the region restore the OUC power outages, and we’re grateful we could support our client. We’re beyond thankful for all the power companies who dedicated their time during this state of emergency.

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